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Midnight Dreary
Daniel Martin
October 19th - November 4th, 2017
Daniel Martin
(adapted from the stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe)

This Halloween, we bring you an evening celebrating the macabre and mystery of one of the greatest horror writers of all time.

This collection of stories will send chills up your spine, and make you terrified of things that go bump in the night. A delightfully spooky new play making its world premiere at Theatre Downtown!

The Miss Goosepatch Christmas Pageant
Written by Daniel Martin
December 7th - December 16th
Directed by Daniel Martin
Opening December 7, the return of THE comedy for the holidays! The Miss Goosepatch Christmas Pageant by Daniel Martin. Come see the loveliest ladies of Goosepatch, Alabama compete for the ever-coveted Miss Holiday Princess crown, in the funniest display of Joyful Tidings ever shown onstage! Who will win? The audience will decide! Special Matinee performance December 10th @ 2pm.
Written by Sara Ruhl
January 25th - February 10th, 2018
Directed by Daniel Martin
The classic story of two lovers' adventures in the under- world, re-imagined by one of the modern theatre's most gifted playwrights.

When Eurydice meets an untimely demise, she is sent to the Underworld - a combination of Lewis Carroll's "Wonderland" and Hell. Her fiance, Orpheus, cannot get over her death and realizes that if he wants his true love back - he'll have to be willing to go into the Underworld to bring her back, himself. A beautiful, humorous, and touching look at life after death from the writer of "In the Next Room - or The Vibrator Play" and "Dead Man's Cell Phone".



Written by Daniel Martin and Rich Mansfield
March 15th - 31st • Matinee on March 25th
Directors TBA
This year's collection of short plays take the audience all around the world, as a diverse cast of characters take us on a journey of secrets, love, and unlikely friendships.

Six short plays, with six directors, and more actors than you can shake a stick at! One of our most popular programs, returns for it's third year in a row!

The Red Velvet Cake War
Written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, & Jamie Wooten
April 26th - May 13th • Special Matinee May 13th
Directed by Kathleen Jensen
Everybody thinks their family is the most dysfunctional, but they've never met the Verdeen cousins! When they decide to have a family reunion, there's plenty of butting heads, and everyone will be lucky if they make it out unscathed!

Full of eccentric charac- ters that could only exist in the deep south, and culminating in a baking competition with unusually high stakes, this show will leave you in stitches!

In fact, its such a good time, you'll want to bring your mama and your mama's mama! (That's why we have a special Mother's Day matinee for this show on May 13th!)

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Written by Tom Stoppard
June 14th - 30th
Directed by Mel Christian
Chances are you're familiar with the story of Hamlet, the doomed prince of Denmark. But, you probably forgot about his childhood friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern - minor characters in the original play who, like everyone else in Hamlet, meet an untimely end.

However, this time, they're telling the story from their perspective! Incredibly funny, and described by many as absurdity at it's finest, this play will make you laugh and make you re-think everything you know about one of the greatest plays in history.

Wonderland Wives
Written by Buddy Thomas
July 26th - August 11th
Directed by Kelsey Crawford
Did you ever wonder what happened after Snow White was awakened by true love’s kiss? When Cinderella married her Prince Charming? When Belle reversed the magical spell of the Beast?

It turns out, it was all downhill from there! Now, these Real Housewives of Disneyland spend their days trying to keep it all together while their happily ever afters are crumbling around them. And, they might just pull it off....if they can stop throwing shade at one another! “WONDERLAND WIVES” is an Alabama premiere of one of the funniest plays we’ve read in a long time! Directed by Kelsey Crawford.

Nine Lives
Written by Daniel Martin
Sept. 6th - 22nd 2018
Directed by Karen Black and Jared Funderburg
Nine Lives is the story of God's cat, who is present at the creation of Earth. While he would be more content to knock the newly formed planet off the table, God has other plans in store. He has decided that man is lonely, and since he is created in his own image, he deserves a companion made in his cat's own image as well. Cat is naturally hesitant, but God makes a bargain with him. He will have Nine Lives to explore humanity on Earth, get to know these newly created people and places, and if at the end of his Ninth Life he returns to Heaven and STILL wants to destroy the world, he may.

And so, we follow this frisky feline through his Nine Lives on Earth as he is privvy to the Garden of Eden, Ancient Egypt, the Salem Witch Trials, and many more moments in history. What will he learn about us in the process of living out these Nine Lives, and what might his observations teach us about ourselves?

A hilarious and poignant look at life through the eyes of the world's most popular pet - don't have a hissy fit - just come see what all the fuss is about in "NINE LIVES".

This is a WORLD PREMIERE of a new play by Daniel Martin (who has written other works such as "Sincerely, Sugar Bear (and Other Stories of Love and Friendship)" and "Miss Fancy").

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