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Poster Image   Sincerely, Sugar Bear (And Other Stories of Love and Friendship)
by Daniel Martin
Directed by Kathleen Crawford Jensen, Kelsey Sherrer Crawford, James Powers, Don Everett Garrett, Jared Funderburg, and Daniel Martin.

March 9-25, 2017
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8:00 pm

"Sincerely, Sugar Bear (and Other Stories of Love and Friendship)" by Daniel Martin

Six brand new plays about falling in love, falling out of love, and how certain friendships can redirect our entire lives are premiering at Theatre Downtown this March. Be the first the see these six stories for the first time on any stage, featuring six different directors and a cast of 19 actors! Think of it as six for the price of one!

The evening opens with CAKE TALK (directed by Kathleen Jensen), where a mother receives an impromptu visit from her son, on a very special day that has been forgotten...

then, in MY DINNER WITH GRIMACE (directed by Jared Funderburg), Daphne and Ryan are an overweight couple enjoying an evening out, but when Daphne makes a shocking proclamation its up to Ryan to help persuade her from making, what could be, a giant mistake...

THE CHEEZ-WIZ PHILOSOPHY OF LOVE (directed by James Powers) centers around Marv and Bridgett, a married couple tired of their mundane lives, who are very surprised to learn that the package they have been delivered contains a litter of baby possums.

In, WALK OF SHAME (directed by Don Garrett), a young woman tries to sneak out after a night of passion, but is unsuccessful when a stranger is waiting in the kitchen to interrogate her about her poor life choices.

It's a sudden SNOW DAY (directed by Kelsey Crawford) when three estranged friends are stranded together after their high school reunion, and as the temperature drops lower and lower outside, the girls are left to confront the reasons why their friendship has grown cold, as well.

and finally in SINCERELY, SUGAR BEAR (directed by Daniel Martin), Doreen, a young girl who is bullied by her family members, thinks she has found true love in her pen pal, Sugar Bear - an inmate at the State Penitentiary - but, it turns out, Sugar Bear is a murderer and he is on his way to visit after getting out early for "good behavior". Suddenly, Doreen realizes she might be in a little bit over her head...

Possums, Foul-mouthed Grandmothers, and Neo-Nazis are only a sampling of the characters you'll meet in this evening of original short plays - you better reserve your tickets now, because once word gets out about "Sugar Bear"'ll be the hottest ticket in town!


Debbie Smith

Jonathan Sweatt

Daniel Walters

Taylor Richardson

Matthew Whaley

Anna Beth Shelton

Stephanie Cozby

Lee J. Green

Celeste Burnam

Mary Katherine Bushnell

JD Dyess

Sara James

Flannery Miles

Karen Marie Black

Kelsey Crawford

Brooke Wood

Kenya Stewart

Rich Mansfield

and Daniel Martin.


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