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Poster Image   Nine Lives
Written by Daniel Martin
Directed by Karen Black and Jared Funderburg

Sept. 6th - 22nd 2018
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8:00 pm
September 16th

Nine Lives is the story of God's cat, who is present at the creation of Earth. While he would be more content to knock the newly formed planet off the table, God has other plans in store. He has decided that man is lonely, and since he is created in his own image, he deserves a companion made in his cat's own image as well. Cat is naturally hesitant, but God makes a bargain with him. He will have Nine Lives to explore humanity on Earth, get to know these newly created people and places, and if at the end of his Ninth Life he returns to Heaven and STILL wants to destroy the world, he may.

And so, we follow this frisky feline through his Nine Lives on Earth as he is privvy to the Garden of Eden, Ancient Egypt, the Salem Witch Trials, and many more moments in history. What will he learn about us in the process of living out these Nine Lives, and what might his observations teach us about ourselves?

A hilarious and poignant look at life through the eyes of the world's most popular pet - don't have a hissy fit - just come see what all the fuss is about in "NINE LIVES".

This is a WORLD PREMIERE of a new play by Daniel Martin (who has written other works such as "Sincerely, Sugar Bear (and Other Stories of Love and Friendship)" and "Miss Fancy").



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